We Are Creative.

We are a young, ambitious and versatile company. We are developers and manufacturers of exciting products with the quality stamp ‘Made in Holland’. Creative Structures saw the light in 2009, starting as creators of structures with a unique design and numerous competitive advantages. Meanwhile Creative Structures is known all over the world as supplier of unique quality products with a distinctive design, used for several applications.

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Creative Structures

All our structures are identifiable as part of the Creative Structures product range. The unique style and design can be recognised by the smooth, organic shapes and the robust tubular construction. We created three different types of Creative Structures: Loungers, Crossovers and Hexadomes. Each type has a Medium and a Large variant, so in total we have six sizes to offer.

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Creative Elements

Our furniture product range offers a variety of possibilities. Every box offers multiple setups. Besides it’s flexibility, Creative Elements are very compact when uninstalled and have a quick & easy assembly. Be amazed by it’s simplicity, solidness and exciting design!

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Creative Decking

A sturdy temporary outdoor floor with a warm and elegant finish. This system is made to connect it with all our Structures, offering the necessary ballast at the same time. Creative Decking is designed in a way that it can be used as a terrace, stage, catwalk or as a stand alone product.

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Creating your brand experience.

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Creative Structures

Companies want to communicate with their target groups. Due to it’s size and appealing design, Creative Structures will attract the desired attention. Your brand visuals printed on the cover will be seen, its attractive style will reflect positively on the story that companies want to tell to people.

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Creative Elements

Market your brand on furniture that stands out! Creative Elements are not only functional but have a tendency to be noticed. Draw the attention to your brand by customizing our furniture. We offer colour possibilities, logo and brand options and many more.

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