We Are The Creators

Creative Structures started as developer and designer of Structures in 2009 and became manufacturer in 2014, by opening our own production facility Creative Production in Gemert, the Netherlands. This decision directly resulted in adding new products in the assortment of structures, as well as creating new productgroups.

In the same year Creative Structures introduced a modular furniture concept called Creative Elements and in 2017 Creative Decking was announced. All Creative Structures products need to correspond with a distinctive contemporary design, quick & easy assembly, limited logistic volume and certified quality.


We make a difference throughout our continuous innovation. By developing new standards for outdoor and indoor experiences we challenge ourselves to create distinctive products that satisfy all the needs of every single customer. To ensure and maintain a high product quality at competitive prices, we use state of the art computer technologies. For designing and engineering we use Catia V5, which is the high end 3D software that is considered standard in the aerospace and automotive sector.


Our passion for design, modern technologies and high quality materials as basis for creative, innovative solutions are the foundation of our company. We use Modo software to visualise our creative process to our clients.


Every Creative product has its own contemporary design with a high quality finish. We are able to guarantee this due to the choice of materials and craftsmanship in our production facility Creative Production. Our people are most dedicated and experienced in all the different fields, with a range from metal working to manufacturing covers.


We deliver Creative solutions to cover your event, offer a wide visibility to your brand, host your visitors, accomodate your guests or simply offer protection to any kind of weather. Besides delivering high quality products, you can count on our support, to complete your desired Creative experience all over the world. You can find our products in six continents, in over 60 countries.


The founders

of Creative Structures joined their forces and burst with ideas and energy.


An intensive year

with sourcing supply, prototyping the Crossover Large and creating a buzz around the product which makes Creative Structures appear on the radar.



the first Creative structure, the 68m² Crossover Large.


As followed,

the extreme positive reaction of the market to the Crossover Large inspires Creative to design, develop and introduce two more sizes, the 38m² Crossover Medium and the 17m² Lounger Medium.


The experience

The experience of the first three Creative Structures enable us to speed up the creative process. In this year we introduced a third type of structure. We are proud to show the first Hexadome in a Medium size of 100m²! We also added a bigger Lounger being 26m² Large.


This was a crucial year

in the young history of Creative Structures. We decided to invest in a production facility in the Netherlands. Creative Production sees the light.


The first result

of the strategic choice to produce our products in The Netherlands has lead to the birth of a new product group: Creative Elements! Which is a modular furniture that endorses the specifications of Creative Structures.


A very Creative year!

The mighty Hexadome Large completes the Creative Structures assortment. With it’s 7m high 175m² surface it is the biggest structure Creative has to offer. Another noveltie is the gutter to link a Medium Crossover or Hexadome with a Large. Create your own Village with Crossovers and Hexadomes. Furthermore, we developed other products in the Creative Elements furniture line, like high tables, bars and high seats.


After structures and furniture,

the idea for Creative Decking was born! We are currently testing this modular floorsystem, compatible with our structures, having intentions that it will be introduced later this year.